Sleep Well in Your Sleepwear


Sleep Well in Your Sleepwear


We dress up for different occasions differently. We wear different clothes for office, different for parties and different for functions. The outfits not only help us look appropriate for the occasion, it also helps us get into the mood. Wearing traditional clothes get us into the mood of festivity. Party clothes instantly jive up our moods. Office clothes make us look professional and serious. The kind of clothes we wear also defines our mood.

More often than not, after day’s hard work, we feel too tired to bother about the right sleepwear. We just manage to drag our feet into the bathroom to remove the make-up, brush our teeth and straight dive into the softness of our bed.

Wearing the right clothes to bed is one of the first steps towards a healthy level of sleep. It is extremely important that we wear right sleepwear for a good night and comfortable sleep. There are a couple of things one should look at, while choosing sleepwear for a very comfortable night

  • Colour
  • Fabric
  • Cut and
  • Accessories

Colour and sleep are very closely connected. For a good night sleep, a light and soft colour works like magic. On the other hand red, bronze, purple are colours that are not sleep conducive. Blue and white are considered soothing and gives warmth and comfort. They are also known to avoid nightmares. So choose a light colour if you want to feel relaxed and calm.

Fabric should be the kind that doesn’t stick to your body while sleeping, doesn’t itch or irritate and lets your body breathe. Choose the one you feel comfortable in. If satin doesn’t feel right to sleep in for you then choose a less slippery fabric. Choose cotton or even better, organic cotton that’s so light on your skin that you can get into dreamy state at once.  These organic cotton or cotton fabrics are light in colour, light in weight, feels soft and smooth and lets your skin breathe.

Fit is another very important criteria to keep in mind. If it doesn’t fit well then you will keep tossing and turning, leaving you uncomfortable through the night.  Let the sleepwear fall easily on you, with no tight strings or ends that can make you uncomfortable in the night. Go for the length you are comfortable with. It can be loose shirt, shorts, pyjamas, kaftans or anything that has a good fit.

Accessories and other details are very important. Make sure your buttons don’t hurt you or laces are not pokey. They should be very soft. Buttons should be small or covered with cloth fabric. Drawstrings shouldn’t be big and lumpy. Elastic should be easy and not leave marks on the body.

These are small little details but are extremely important to help us sleep comfortably because good sleep prepares the body for next day’s work load. Sleep tight. Sleep easy and sleep like a baby!

Choose your nightwear with lot of care so that you sleep cosily and comfortably through the night.

By Suman Nathwani

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